How I Could Enter My Sociology Book Into A Literotica Contest

So, I just finished with my send-ups a few weeks back and it was the first time I ever read my textbooks in detail. I go to a Federal Government College, by the way and I study Arts (Not painting and shit, my subjects are = Psychology, Sociology and Education.) Now since the Board doesn’t really give a shit about what’s happening in the education system in Arts, we have no proper or good text books. When I bought my Sociology book, I thought it would make at least some kind of sense.

I was wrong. In this post, you shall see the excerpts from my Sociology text-book that make me wonder  if the authors (Abdul Hameed Taga and Sons) were trying to write a racially, politically and diplomatically insulting porno novel.

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I Needed A New Toothbrush

So, yesterday, I went with my father to F-10 Markaz, you know, the Mr.Rice waali jaga. And I bought some popcorn, a toothbrush and a few packets of Lays from the grocery store next to Mistah Rice. So, Father-Man, he tells me to go sit in the car. And he goes into the shop next to the shop next to Miztah Rice.

Just A Packet of Lays

And I go to said car, but how am I supposed to get inside if I don’t have the keys? So, I decide to just, you know, lean against the car, and listen to Mr.Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan (AWESOME  track, I ❤ it.).  But this little beggar girl, barely ten years old, comes up to me and asks me for money. I told her I didn’t have a penny on me. So, she asks me for food. I look at the thaila of Lays in my hand, and I hand her one of them. She thanks me, rips the packaging off and starts eating the chips.

Kind of looked like her.

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Top Ten Words/Phrases that Piss Me Off

Now, not-so-recently,  I realized that there were a lot of phrases/words that pissed me off. These words/phrases are just plain over used in people’s and (sometimes) my vocabulary.

Here We Go:

  • God never gives us more than we can bear

I hate it when people do that! This usually happens when I’m in the middle of a rant of how much is piled upon me, and I just cannot cope and someone says this. Well, bully for you! How about you stop psycho-analyzing God for a bit?

  • Chillax!

This is another jewel of human brain evolution. Also accompanied with the word “Like” in the start sometimes, it is a sure fire way to make me want to slap you.

My usual reaction.

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What Not To Do While Riding A Motorbike

Hello, people. Today, we have Ali Khan guest starring in my blog, in a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The bike I don't have....yet.

Here we go:

Alright, out of extreme randomness I suggested I’d write some what-not-to-do thing to my ‘boss’. And then I remembered I had a motorbike. And how many times I’ve fallen off/met accidents with my bike.

So I decided to do something good, and tell all of you what NOT to do when riding a motorbike. You know, teaching people stuff out of personal experiences and what not.

Read on ahead 😀

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