How I Could Enter My Sociology Book Into A Literotica Contest

So, I just finished with my send-ups a few weeks back and it was the first time I ever read my textbooks in detail. I go to a Federal Government College, by the way and I study Arts (Not painting and shit, my subjects are = Psychology, Sociology and Education.) Now since the Board doesn’t really give a shit about what’s happening in the education system in Arts, we have no proper or good text books. When I bought my Sociology book, I thought it would make at least some kind of sense.

I was wrong. In this post, you shall see the excerpts from my Sociology text-book that make me wonder  if the authors (Abdul Hameed Taga and Sons) were trying to write a racially, politically and diplomatically insulting porno novel.

Read on ahead!

  • Deviance As A Social Problem: Criminals are hated in all associations and at gathering of marriage.

Am I missing something here? What does this even mean? Why do you have to highlight marriage?

  • What is good governess?*

Maria, from Sound of Music.

* I’m pretty sure they meant good governance.

  • People from cold environmental region like East and Western Europe are red and white in color.


  • Whereas people from hot regions like India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Bangladesh are dark in their complexion because of severe heat which burns the skin color in the summer.

I don’t think I even need to say anything here.

  • They wear cap to safe their heads from cold!

I bash my head into the wall! The cap does not safe my head from the wall!

  •   Prostitute women were in abuse in that society. Dead bodies were buried. Cows were not sacred animals.

Wow, talk about a non sequitur.

  • Lack of central ideology: You will find people talking on a teacup  in hotels about national issues.

Come in, come in. Sit down! Let’s talk on the sofa…or better yet, a teacup.

It's the latest thing in interiors.

  • Punjab Marriage System: Marriage mostly takes place within the same bradri. A boy and a girl within the same bradri are brother and sister according to norms of bradri.

They’re like brother and sister, are they? Well, then, let’s get them married off!

  • Low Maladjustment of Partners in Marriage

….Isn’t a low maladjustment a good thing? :/

  • Techniques to Understand Life: Education is a technique as how to cook food for the woman in kitchen.

If you don’t try to make sense of this, it just sounds stupid. If you do, it sounds stupid and sexist. *ACHIEVEMENT!*

  • Causes of Population Expansion, Climatic Conditions:  The climate of hot season rises up to the high grade of temperature resulting in intense heat. This creates intense temperament among the husband and wife. They are able to produce more children.

WHAT? Are you kidding me? I would think that if you’re feeling hot, you’d say ‘DOOR HO JAO!’ instead of  ‘I feel like today’s a nice day to have heat stroke. What do you say, husband?’

  • Causes of Population Expansion, Close Quarters: Small and congested houses are also the main cause in which husband and wife see face to face frequently resulting into close proximity with childbirth.

    "Well, you know what this means."

Alright, number one; I’m pretty sure that’s not the main cause of population expansion. That might be lack of birth control. But that’s just me.
Number two; This has nothing to do with population expansion.

Where I’m Going With This:

I’m trying to draw attention to the fact that my textbooks.are.SHIT.
Please, Government. Get up, stop ogling Veena Malik on FHM India’s cover and either do something useful like hanging Mumtaz Qadri or fix these bloody books.


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