One Punch!

Captain Marvel: I’ll say this for Batman. He’s efficient.
Blue Beetle: ‘One punch! ONE punch!’
Martian Manhunter: ‘Good afternoon, everyone. Hope we haven’t…is that GUY on the floor?’
Black Canary: ‘What happened to him? Is he DEAD? Hah. We couldn’t be that lucky.’
Blue Beetle: ‘He’s not dead, Canary. Just unconscious. Extremely unconscious.’
Black Canary: ‘But what happened?’
Blue Beetle: ‘Batman belted him.’
Black Canary: ‘Batman….belted….him?’
Batman: ‘I’m glad you’re here, Manhunter. Now we can get this meeting underway.’
Blue Beetle: ‘One punch!’
Martian Manhunter: ‘Sorry we’re late, Batman.’ *thinks* ‘Not as sorry as Black Canary is.’
Black Canary: ‘Batman BELTED him and I MISSED it? Oh God. I’m depressed.’


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