I Needed A New Toothbrush

So, yesterday, I went with my father to F-10 Markaz, you know, the Mr.Rice waali jaga. And I bought some popcorn, a toothbrush and a few packets of Lays from the grocery store next to Mistah Rice. So, Father-Man, he tells me to go sit in the car. And he goes into the shop next to the shop next to Miztah Rice.

Just A Packet of Lays

And I go to said car, but how am I supposed to get inside if I don’t have the keys? So, I decide to just, you know, lean against the car, and listen to Mr.Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan (AWESOME  track, I ❤ it.).  But this little beggar girl, barely ten years old, comes up to me and asks me for money. I told her I didn’t have a penny on me. So, she asks me for food. I look at the thaila of Lays in my hand, and I hand her one of them. She thanks me, rips the packaging off and starts eating the chips.

Kind of looked like her.

Read on ahead!

I, meanwhile, stroll into the shop my father is doing whatever he’s doing in, and proclaim that I cannot enter a locked car. He hands me the keys, and I go, start the car and sit inside.

Never Tell Your Parents Anything

Father gets in the car, a few minutes later, during which I had a very entertaining discussion with a ‘hijra’ (hijra? Do I say hijra? Or khwaaja sara? Or khusra? I’m just gonna go with hijra.’) which ended with her saying ‘Kuch bhee nahein hay?‘. I replied with ‘Nahein‘ and she said ‘Kasam khao?‘ and I laughed and said ‘Kasam say!‘ and she smiled at me and went away.
Father’s advice: ‘If you salute at them, they go away.’ :/

Anyway, so I told Father about the beggar-girl, and it started a LONG car-ride-back-to-G-9/3 lecture about how ‘it’s all the beggar mafia and how you should never give beggars anything and how they’re all parasites, and parasites only do two thing and what are those two things, Maria?
1. Feed.

What I Say Makes More Sense

Look, I know. I KNOW, what the beggar mafia is. I’m not stupid. I know, that the money these kids get, they don’t get to keep. I know they get their limbs lopped off in order to elicit sympathy. Okay? But, as I tried to explain to my father there is a difference between a child and an adult. There’s a reason why we have juvenile court, people. Look,  okay, if an adult man or woman asked me to give them food, I would refuse. Why? Because they can work for their food! Those are perfectly healthy beggars running around asking for money, rather than working as maids or cooks or gardeners or laborers.

But, a child can’t work like that for their daily bread and nor should they even ever have to. And it’s not that I even gave the kid money. I just think it would terribly inhumane if a child asked for food and/or water, while I have some on me and I refused.
So, bas. If I see a child that asks me for food that I have in my hand, I will give it to him.

I mean, seriously.

Okay. Thank you. Bye bye.


4 thoughts on “Misery

  1. I agree wichu. While Mama tends to give something to every beggar that comes running around, Baba prefers giving only to those who actually look like they are miserable (you can tell from their face pretty easily) or those who are actively working their ass off and not just begging. 😀

    • Seriously, there are perfectly healthy people begging for no reason.
      Acha, in my house it’s a pretty firm thing, no one gives money to beggars.
      But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving food to a *child*.

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