Top Ten Words/Phrases that Piss Me Off

Now, not-so-recently,  I realized that there were a lot of phrases/words that pissed me off. These words/phrases are just plain over used in people’s and (sometimes) my vocabulary.

Here We Go:

  • God never gives us more than we can bear

I hate it when people do that! This usually happens when I’m in the middle of a rant of how much is piled upon me, and I just cannot cope and someone says this. Well, bully for you! How about you stop psycho-analyzing God for a bit?

  • Chillax!

This is another jewel of human brain evolution. Also accompanied with the word “Like” in the start sometimes, it is a sure fire way to make me want to slap you.

My usual reaction.

Read on ahead for the rest!

  • You need to…

.No, I do not. I have no such need. If I did have such a need, I would quite possibly be acting on it.

  • To be honest…

What is wrong with people who feel the need to punctuate every sentence with this? Oh wow. Thank you. What were you doing before you decided to start being ‘honest’?

  • Oh NO you DIDN’T.

  • If you say so

Yes, you idiot. I say so.

  • I’m just saying…

Yes, I know you were saying.

  • No offense or anything

How delightfully vague. This is followed immediately by a deeply offensive remark.

  • I think…..

Oh joy. Celebrations. Drinks on me.

  • Guess what!

Unless I recently developed mind reading powers, I can’t guess what. Just tell me before I lose my patience and bite you.

What Should Stay:

As a bonus, I’ve added five which I think should stay in use.

  • Whatever

Although very over rated, it is a very handy way to dismiss someone almost completely.
“So you see, in the dictionary fob means to cheat someone.”

  • Is you is or is you ain’t…?

Oh, I really love this one. It used to be really popular. It not only shows an intense disregard for grammatical rules but also displays quite a bit of arrogance in a question which could other wise be asked politely.
“Is you is or is you ain’t my baby.”

  • Well, pardon my sarong, Harold!

Let me explain. I read this some where. Apparently, a homeless woman came up to the author (a woman) and said, apropos of nothing, “Well, pardon my sarong, Harold!” Use it in a “Well, excuse me!” sort of way.
“Hey, you’re in my way, move.”
“Well, pardon my sarong, Harold!

  • Hell to the yes!

    Because gay hate is stupid. And these two are AWESOME.

  • Don’t tell me what to do

Perfect for rebellious teenagers.
“Have a nice day!”
“Don’t tell me what to do.”


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