I Whip My Hair (Back and Forth):UPDATED


So, I decided to get a haircut.  Today is the Day.

I’m going for a really short hair cut this time, like the time Rihanna didn’t look totally weird with red hair and had that amazing pixie cut, remember?

Unfortunately, my hair has other plans.

Read on ahead, after the jump! 😀

My Hair Has Thoughts


and Ideas

Okay.  So, my hair had really been acting up since my last haircut. Instead of growing neechay, it grows, sideways. Needless to say, not a good look on me.

I decide to get a haircut. So, yesterday, I go take a shower, wash my hair, and voila! Look. Perfect hair.  *SWISHtotheleft*  Waterfall of hair falls. Looks great. *SWISHtotheright* Looks better. What is going on? -.-

The Day Before The Haircut *Thing*

The Day Before The Haircut Thing is a syndrome your hair has. It is very much real, and very fool-proof.  No matter HOW awful your hair looks, the day before you’re going to get it cut, it becomes this sexy hot shiny smooth *thing*.

Hair is cunning. It senses danger. It masquerades as this amazing*thing*.

First Photo: Paris thinks 'I need a haircut.'

Now, a few hours to go to The Hair Cut,  I can almost hear mine saying ‘NO, MARIA! Don’t cut me! I mean, look at me right now! I can change! I can behave myself. Give me another chance?’


If your hair sounds like this, it is desperate and is using its last defense. Be strong.  DO not give in. Because you know as well as I do, that the second you decide to keep it, you’ll look like this again:


Just Do It

So come on. It’s just hair. You’re not cutting your leg off.

Grow a pair, cut your hair. 😛  Oh on another note, just because Willow Smith is Will Smith’s daughter does not give her the right to distress us with her voice and songs. I’m still suffering from PTSD from the first song. Was 21st Century Girl really necessary? -.-
Off to the  salon I go. ❤ SnipSnip.

No More Hair Swish

For all you haters, the hair can grow back. Chill. ❤


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