Tuesdays Are As Pointless As Rebecca Black


I started this blog on advice from my sister, Rabia.

Actually, it all started when I wrote a post called ‘How To Break Up’ for a multi-author website that a group of us cousin-type-cheezain run. I wanted to write a post called ‘How To Break Up’, concerning someone who really needs tuition with this particular area of relationships. After I wrote it,my site admin refused to publish it.

I was bitching about that to her and after thoroughly bad-mouthing said site admin, she said, you should start your own blog, we’ll publish that post there, and also write a new one on;  ‘How To Be A Total Bastard. [Coming soon! 😉 ]

I’ll publish one post per week, every Friday whenever I feel like it. :D😀

Still Funfunfunfun.

Till the next time. ❤


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays Are As Pointless As Rebecca Black

  1. Haha! For the uninitiated, that /site admin/ was me. You’ll understand why I had to refuse it when ol’ Maria publishes it here. 😛

    Baharhaal, Maria, it’s good to see you standing on your own feet. 😛

    I look forward to this blog. I’ve subscribed to it on Greader. ^_^

    Spread your wings and fly! May God be with you!

    Next thing you need to do is join Twitter. It’s funner than Facebook when done right. 😉

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